Piracetam Trials! [Days 30] (The Southern Tale of Wyatt Purp)

Today, I woke up late…. REAL late.  Ridiculously late.  It was practically 1PM when I woke up and 5 by the time I actually took my first dose. So for the most part, I was feeling rather funky. I didn’t do a whole lot other than chat with people on dACipher.

I took a shower, but before then, I realised that the choline affects my body odor in a way. It’s not bad at all if you just keep up with regularly bathing, but I could see how it could get pretty terrible. I remember reading about how it would cause people to let out a sort of foul odor… thankfully it’s never been BAD.

It wasn’t until later on that evening when I felt myself start to sink.

It was interesting in a way because for a while I hadn’t felt like THIS before. It was like all of this negativity was creeping up in my mind and when that rose, my mood and motivation dropped. 

It got to a point where I got sick of sulking and did a (4tsp:4tsp) dose.  Dude… no more than 2 minutes later I perked up and the cloudiness just LEFT.

If I needed any more proof that Piracetam worked… this was it.

All of the religion and the talking and the “trying to go back to the past to figure out what it all means” shit ultimately did nothing… NOTHING compared to what a drug that cost 73 dollars on AMAZON did.

Then I grew in happiness when I learned that The Internet’s Busiest Music Nerd actually liked a video by The Venopian Solitude.

I popped in “Covina” by Himself the Majestic, talked to a girl that I’ve been talking to for a little while and just relaxed.

Throughout these 30 days of keeping at it… it’s been 30 straight days of not wanting to kill myself.

30 days ago I was wanting to kill myself damn near every day. Everything negative just ate at me for the worst… for YEARS. I don’t feel as if I’m completely free from depressive symptoms, but you know what?  I feel like I’ve got a fighting chance.

I want to thank Zinnia Jones for being the girl responsible for me even looking into Nootropics.  (Truefax: If you ever end up back in the Chicagoland area, hit me up! I wanna do a photoshoot with you.) Thanks to the small amount of people who have even paid attention to this. My apologies to anyone I’ve pissed off over time.

Overall, would I recommend this drug to others?YES… EXCEEDINGLY YES.

I see no reason for people not to try it. In pill form or by ingesting the powder with a drink like I did.  It can get you out of a rut if you keep at it.

Dude… yes.

Even though Zinnia’s trial was 30 days and she eventually stopped to see how she reacted to it.  I’m going to keep taking this stuff and keep documenting as much as I can.

Vital Things to Note about piracetam:

  • It won’t make you “smarter” but will help with focus and concentration.
  • Attack dosing isn’t all that important, but if you keep with the “teaspoon” dosage, 2tsp minimum/4tsp maximum 2-3 times a day is fine, really.
  • If choline affects your body odor, keep yourself clean OFTEN. If you already do, no problem.
  • Take vitamins and amino acid supplements. Vitamin D and L-Tryptophan are great for moods and it definitely helps to get into the habit of treating your body better.
  • Coffee drinkers probably won’t need to drink as much coffee, but it won’t seem to affect you too much. The minimal amount of caffiene I had after abstaining didn’t have me freaked out at all.
  • Results aren’t typical, but sexual urges don’t really freak out. Orgasm doesn’t really throw your mind off either. Possible usefulness for sexual addicts?

and that’s kind of all I’ve got for now.

I’ll keep up with you later. Feel free to ask me any questions. :)  Lifts my spirits.

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